The Darn Cat II 1997 (French post)The Darn Cat 1965

 (French post)

Robert Stevenson's American film the spy in paws without claws " on 1965

  Variant of poster 

1998. Kusturica  
Confided to a farmer, two dogs and a cat decide to return at home by defying the dangers of the nature. Shadow, Luck and Sassy.On the point to leave in Canada with their bosses, two dogs and a cat escape and get lost in San Francisco.Cat from outer space-on 19791997 Cédric Klapisch1999.  
Aristocats. posts French and American.Félicité the gull and Zorba the cat. Enzo D' ALO's Italian film and the kicked cat Russian film 95 and Garry Bardine.   

Each looks for its cat, for French film 95.

And Cats.

On 1985On 1941On 1944  
Natural cat and cats gift dance

Video to take care of 

The cat 99

Video to take care of its cat 98   

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